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Monica Faundez Valderrama

Throughout her life, Monica has had access to different experience with the opportunity to integrate into diverse cultures. The dance trip has allowed her to enrich herself with different techniques, people, teachers, schools, and situations that allowed her to express her dance and art, in a unique way. Her dance has a sensual and daring touch, typical of a latin woman. She can transmit the most human emotions by moving, the deepest sadness, such as joy and anger. The most human of her being comes to light turned into art. Her dance inseparable from its culture, its roots and childhood memories, will make us Viber When looking at her. She has danced in many stages and for many social problems, in her projects are transmitting the fight for the welfare of the planet, helping the environment and animals, the fight for human rights, especially women, and helping people with social problems.


At the age of eight, trained artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. In 2001 she approached to cheerleader technique pom pom’s girl and jazz, at the age of twenty one she moved to Pais- France where she took classical and contemporary ballet classes to prepare for auditionn at school dance formation in Paris, She was accepted in the CHOREIA dance School during for 4 years and a half, where she learns differents style and techniques: such as Ballet, contemporain, modern, jazz, modern jazz, graham, horton and pilates as well. In 2017 she moved to Australia and achieved her certificate IV in international dance management and Teaching at the DANCE FACTORY school in Richmond Melbourne where she learns technique of hip hop, tap and she works a lot in jazz and ballet technique, at the same time she got her certificate of Zumba teacher, she started to dance a lot of salsa and bachata, and today she is working hard in pole dance lessons and yoga.

Two favourite dance styles

Her first contemporary dance approach was made at the Micadanse dance school in Paris, France, where she learned the basics of dance. Later, she entered CHOREIA school, where she went deep into the dancing contents. It thanks to the teaching of outstanding professors, such as Coline Hubert, Yano Yatrides,

 This process allowed her to nourish herself with the necessary tools to understand and feel the contemporary dancing. Entering to the abstract world of free dancing where imagination flows. Forgetting the environment to give space to the dancer essence. This was the type of dancing that made her fall in love with the natural connection.

Every time she dances she feels the earth, water, wind and fire. This is a way to become into an animal, being part of nature with the body at its best.
Also this can be a dancing in contact with the partner, with the floor or the wall;  dance with accessories without having them physically. A dancing that inspires her to give freedom to fluid or rapid movements simultaneously. Giving life to an improvised choreography, without limits, openly inexhaustible and in constant study of the infinite bodily and experimental possibilities of the movement when dancing.  In summary, it is to be attentive to material transformation, to the search for new proposals to live and faithfully represent art called contemporary dance.

Contemporary dance

Jazz, Modern jazz

She began her jazz dance experience as a teenager, with a huge cheerleader base, a little rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, a steeper jazz dance path (a basic technique in very fast movement, with the subtlety of dance but very acrobatic and rigid) which gave her the abilities to turn, work spots, points, very strong beat with nice reception and control of her body so as to have the consciousness of movement.
Once arrived in France, she had a very nice approach with pure jazz dance, jazz of the year 1980, with Martine Courtat-Cadet, Alexander Leblans, Julie Sicard, where she took another look at jazz dance, a better relationship with the music, with the instruments which allowed her to work more on the song and less in the lyrics, because at the beginning, she was more concerned with commercial music rather than any other thing.
With this, she had the chance to knew another style, which she completely fell in love, “modern jazz”. With many teachers at disposition in Paris, she had a wide range of different qualities, techniques, evolution, progression of jazz movements at her hands, so she adopted the fluidity of jazz and to work with space, up and down.
In the year when she was preparing her technical aptitude exam in jazz dance, she found an inner work, the feeling of knowing nothing but with the urge to transmit, or to let the spectator travels through its consciousness. This marked a before and an after.
she understood to seek a purpose, to find an answer of why to put a leg up and not a leg bass, to seek a meaning for each movement, and at the same time, to believe ,100%, that every idea could come to an end. She will be able to interpret it in the best way and succeed only if the last spectator understands or imagine the communication produced by her dance.
For her, modern jazz is the mix of the abstract of the contemporary with the musical relationship and attitude of jazz is the strength used to move from aggressiveness to softness. It is to disfigure the animal that we choose to be.
It is the inspiration of the freedom of contemporary and other dances always guided by the jazz alphabet.

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